Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And Then ...

”We are the only nation in the world, where people fight to be called backward.”

There are times when you don't find enough words to express; and there are times when you don't have words to say. Take out all the dictionaries, of the known languages -- spoken; written; unsung; discover few -- still you wouldn't find the right word to say it, and more you say it; lesser it will be.

Let me correct it. There is no *backwards*. That's the wrong word chosen to insult one - tell'em you are not equal - make'em believe it every day - feel'em leeser - turn'em in their paper of votes . The difference is at the first place. “Device & Rule” is not out. It’s here… in every one of us.

On another note; it’s not enough to have mission, vision statement. One need to find the correct path – path with takes you there – path which may not be shortest one, but with better route – path where every milestone has something to cheer, believe, learn and proud; path which shows target from anywhere. Without that, it’s non-sense. Project without planning will lead to more destruction …

There are ways to do things rights, unfortunately plenty more to do in other. We are little more intelligent here. There were thousands; we discovered the next.

It was my high school exam days; I was at a friend’s home to get a book when he offered us a tea and some sweets. Reason was that he was added to sc list and so was happy that he would be part of quota which appearing engineering entrance exam. While swallow a piece cause of courtesy; something hit my mind and occupied a room till now; “is it a reason to celebrate or …?” How can be adding someone to a group which is referred as “backward” make one proud?” “How can blessing one with reservation can solve the big picture problem?” “Aren’t we making another breed which would suffer from this?” “Wouldn’t we miss out more talented guys?” “Are we doing it on cost of someone else?” “Aren’t we making them lesser creative and a bit lazy?” Remember best comes in challenge; creativity rises in pressure. Degree of performance depends on difficulty of task.

These questions are still unanswered till now. However I think there could be better ways to do it. Have some subsidy on fee, books, may be more facility but by no means we can give a feeling “Its okay; I don’t need to be better than all; I need to be better than my cast”. Frankly speaking, that’s the worst feeling. It’s like asking a fish to be in pond and well … fish is happy in that.

On the other side of coin, there is another set who feel it injustice for’em. Injustice when they find a lower rank gets a seat, Injustice when they find someone running of their stolen shoes. There is another set which hopes one day they will be part of quota.

And it’s not that all of them are benefited in one way or the other with this. There are some out them which make it worst for them itself. Take an example of handicapped quota. Most university has only 1 seat for this quota. There are some who actually need it; and there are some who just fall in. Food is not served to needy.

It isn’t like all of them are totally illogical. It’s partially correct somewhere. Take an example of a handicapped quota. Quota part is wrong, but there are some unfortunate who need a little assistance to prove their worth. I learned this from one of my good friend living his life without a hand. Despite that he is very passionate, confident, extremely talented and above all proud for himself. But his writing speed is actually hampered; there I feel – personally – he can have few extra minutes in exams.

Feelings injected in the mind doesn’t stop here, syndrome is getting bigger day by day, now it’s in blood ‘n’ everywhere – you name it, its there; whether it is education, state, business, language, profession.

Racism: Prejudice or discrimination based on an individual's race; can be expressed individually or through institutional policies or practices.

Isn't it another find of racism? I hope it doesn’t turn out as child’s seesaw game.

So where are we heading? Few decades down the line, there would be some kicked from bihar; some bihari kicked from maharastra; marathi from U.P, northies from tamilnadu, tamils from gujrat; Panjabi from kerala; malyali from delhi …... some places banned for hindi; Welcome! Change your dress & face mask

Definition is changed there days. “I am first a general … then north Indian …then anything else. Yeah, I’m an Indian … but only if asked on some news show covered widely.

There would be some ST, SC, Brahmins, thakurs, marathi, hindi, tamils, bangali ... none else.

... There will be none"

Monday, December 24, 2007

Should Dr Mohamed Haneef go back to Australia ??

अपने घर में भी है रोटी |

What happened – series of events

Haneef was arrested on July 2, 2007 at the Brisbane Airport, Brisbane, Australia on suspicion of terror-related activities. He is the second cousin of Kafeel and sabeel, the operatives in the 2007 glasgow International Airport attack. Haneef's ensuing detention became the longest without charge in recent Australian history. Haneef was first one to have his detention extended under the act, being detailed for twelve days without being charged with a crime.

Australian authorities alleged that he left Britain providing assistance to a terrorist organization by leaving his SIM card and two year balance. Haneef was released on 27th July when public prosecution withdrew the charges whereby his passport was returned and he came back to India voluntarily.

On December 21, 2007 full bench of the court reiterated the federal court's 21 Aug decision to overturn the cancellation of his visa.

Was it some kind of racism ??

If you look more deep in the series of events that had happened with Haneef, you will realize that can was created against him and he became the victim of internal racism. Otherwise why would immigration minister cancel his visa just after he was allowed to released on bail and threaten to take him under immigration detention if he is released on bail ??

Apart from that the reason on which was taken and kept in custody was not strong enough to qualify for a rare case. I mean, handling over the SIM card can be considered as a mistake and for maximum a unwilling violation but by no means it can be considered as a serious crime. That to notice that during the hearing, court agreed that his SIM card was found in a taxi and he didn't handed it over to anybody.

Why did he applied for restore of his work visa ??

Simple reason, you have to fight against the injustice that happened to you. No matter that he is in india - he can live here - work here - he still need to fight for justice and let every one know that he is not guilty - Haven't done anything which can be considered as a crime or an act against a country or people. Court's order to restore his visa proves this fact.
But its just half the battle won.

Should he go back to Australia to work again ??

Answer depends on a lot of factor and it depends on person to person. But if I would have been in his palce, I would have said no straight away. I mean, I have proved my point and got my visa restored. Now it has to be my choice whether I want to go there and use my visa and opt to stay out. It has to happen in my way. Probably something like :

“Now that every one of you know that I haven't done anything wrong against any community, society or country and I am not guilty, I would stay in my country among my people who supported my all along the way. I was not part of any of those non human activity and doesn't want to be a victim again because of any kind of racism, biasing, twisted laws or weakness in them. I would rather stay with my family and be loved for what I am than stay away from them and be hatred for what I was never be. Thanks you for all the lessons.”

"I would rather be a loin in my jungle than a monkey in an imported cage."